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About Work Smart Tips

Work Smart Tips is a free online programme you can use to create health and safety resources for workplaces. It contains up-to-date injury prevention tips and a full range of stretches specifically designed to help prevent and manage discomfort, pain and injury.

Work Smart Tips is also fully customisable. You can put in your workplace name and logo, add a worker's name, and even personalise the tips you choose.

Use Work Smart Tips to support health and safety communication in your workplace

  • for health and safety inductions
  • for toolbox talks and refreshers
  • for creating health and safety information for specific jobs
  • for injury management and return to work programmes
  • for worker training
  • to create posters and handouts.

Practical ways to use Work Smart Tips

  • Use Work Smart Tips as a mobile health and safety resource. Print double-sided onto A4 paper and fold up to fit into back pocket or wallet. Great for anyone whose work takes them out and about. For workers with a clipboard in hand, clip on an unfolded sheet as a handy reference tool. Why not get them laminated so they last longer?
  • Pin Work Smart Tips sheets up where they can be seen. Good for office workers or anyone else with a stationary workspace.
  • Print Work Smart Tips in large format (such as A3 or A2 size) and pin up as a lunch room or work area poster.
  • Create a ‘Work Smart Tips of the week’ email, attach your Work Smart Tips PDF, and send to a person or team in your organisation.


New here? How to create a Work Smart Tips Sheet for info on creating a tips sheet